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  EYEGOOD Medical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. has grown up into a high-tech enterprise in intra-ocular lens industry in China with the concept of creative, innovative and provide reliable products to the cataract patients with reasonable price. EYEDOOD has got ISO9001, ISO13485 certificates issued by UL and TUV, and all the products have been certificated by China SFDA. Furthermore, its hydrophilic foldable lens is the only one of the soft lenses in China that has got SFDA approval. In the recent few years, EYEGOOD has cooperated with IOL manufacturers from U.S., Germany, Japan and Israel in the technique field. In the coming years, EYEGOOD will develop hydrophobic foldable lenses, aspheric, multi-focal intra-ocular lenses. 

Mr. Zhou Li, general manager of EYEGOOD has been engaged in the management of manufacturing and sale of IOLS industry for about 20 years. He is the first one who introduced and brought the IOL production line to Chinese IOL industry. We could say Mr. Zhou Li is the forthgoer of IOL industry in China. He participated the research and development of hydrophobic, aspheric intra-ocular lenses and tension rings, which will be the most advanced products in Chinese IOL industry.

Eyegood has made extensive cooperation with some top enterprises all over the world in the R&D and application of new materials and the new developed technologies. Therefore, its products have been developed to a higher level and the international sales capability has been promoted accordingly.

Eyegood has set up very strict quality management system according to ISO9001 and ISO13485. There are relative instructions, records and quality control process to each manufacturing process from the incoming materials to the final packing to ensure the traceability and the quality of each product. We promise to change the products freely for the products with problems (including the IOLS that failed in implantation by some special reason). Meanwhile, we will provide the reliable and high quality products at a very challenging and reasonable price, then the cost to the patients and the hospital will be reduced.

The manufacturing and inspection equipments purchased from USA ensure the stability of the products that can meet the requirements of the international and national standards. 

Eyegood (Zhuhai) Medical Co., Ltd has been engaged in the R & D of the newly developed products in order to enlarge its products range based on the PMMA intra-ocular lenses with the concept of producing high-tech, reliable quality products and provide integrated and comprehensive service.

Eyegood paid much attention on comprehensive and fast service to the customers. Every inquiry and confusion through phone calls or e-mails will be responded in time. The responsible staffs of Eyegood will visit the customers frequently to collect their opinions and suggestions about its service and the product quality, and then make improvements to meet the requirements from the customers.

 Eyegood take the quality as its life. In recent three years, the market occupation of EYEGOOD is increasing at high rate, at least 25% each year. For example: the products applied to "Health Express" organized by Ministry of Health have been increased from two trains to all the three trains. In addition, the IOLs applied to Shen Zhen Yu Pengnian Social Welfare Association, Pengnian Brightness Movement are all manufactured by Eyegood. Furthermore, Eyegood has built up long-term cooperation relationship with "Orbis International" and more than ten "Disables Union". Since 2002, Shen Zhen Lion Organization has done so many cataract surgeries for the patients in the poor area by using IOLS of Eyegood in the Vision First Action. The products have been exported to Pakistan and other countries, and the quality has won great reputation as well. At present, an extensive sales and service system have been completed for better development of the future of Eyegood.